Hjalte Fejerskov Boas

I am a third-year PhD student at the Department of Economics at the University of Copenhagen and a resident PhD student at the Danish Ministry of Taxation. My supervisors are Niels Johannesen and Claus Thustrup Kreiner.

My research revolves around international taxation and public finance.

In the spring 2023, I visited Paris School of Economics, hosted by Gabriel Zucman.

Other affiliations:  CEBI (Center for Economic Behaviour and Inequality).

CV: Available here

Email: hfb@econ.ku.dk 

Mobile: (+45) 28 26 41 48

X: https://twitter.com/Hjaltefb


Work in progress

Taxing Capital in a Globalized World: The Effects of Automatic Information Exchange | with Niels Johannesen, Claus Thustrup Kreiner, Lauge Truels Larsen, and Gabriel Zucman


We use administrative and audit data from Denmark to investigate the effects of automatic information exchange (CRS and FATCA) on tax evasion and tax enforcement.

Presentations: OECD Tax Gap Conference 2023, EU Tax Observatory Seminar, EPRN Conference 2022, OFS Workshop on Empirical Analysis of Tax Policy 2022, the IRS,  the Norwegian Tax Agency, the German tax agency, the Danish Tax Agency, the Danish Ministry of Taxation.

Cryptocurrencies and taxation | with Mona Barake

We match transaction data from cryptocurrency platforms and tax returns to study compliance on cryptocurrency gains and behavioural effects of tax reforms.

Presentations: The Danish Economic Society Congress 2024, CEBI Lunch Seminar, DGPE 2023, the Central Bank of Denmark, the Danish Tax Agency.


Lecturer: Introduction to Social Data Science (Web scraping and text as data), fall 2022.

Teaching assistant: B.Sc. Economics in Society, fall 2021.